Sunday, 22 January 2012

New students from South Africa

This week the first student coming from South Africa is due to arrive. Orifha will be leaving her home and travelling for two days in order to spend a year at Smithville Christian High School.

Here is an excerpt from a letter written by Mr. Marc Stroobosscher, Smithville Christian's former principal, who is in South Africa right now, volunteering at Theocentric Christian School.

"Wednesday, there was an assembly for the two students who are flying to Canada. Over five hundred students gathered in the drizzling rain and sang to them and blessed them by praying and holding hands over them.

"Orifha and Shaun, the two who are going to arrive at Smithville Christian, are full of optimism and are not at all afraid of the long flight, the change of airplanes in Schiphol or of becoming homesick. Both are exemplary young people but still so young. Although they have no idea what they will experience, this is an opportunity that will change their lives. Neither one comes from a “World Vision poor” background. Even so, the culture from which they come is impoverished in may other respects.

"A number of speeches were presented. Dora’s opinion was that there would be enough serious talks, so we did a little skit on being Canadian, eh! and then gave each of them a CANADA EH ! T-shirt. Although it rained all day spirits were not dampened. It was a fun day."

We are looking forward to Orifha's arrival and are praying for her safe travels. We are also praying that Shaun's visa will be issued and he will be able to come soon.

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