Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Being radical

What does it mean to be a radical Christian?

This year's student council theme at Smithville Christian High School is "Be Radical" and it's based on the theme verse of Hebrews 10:24, said Sophie Bradbury, a member of the student council executive.

Bradbury said it's easy to "fall into the habit of listening to a message, reading a devotional or attending a big youth event and coming out inspired — but not doing much about it."

Instead, we can choose to live radically every day, she said, "by starting with prayer." God opens doors and the hearts of others when we approach them in his name and with his purpose, she said. "Every morning, take a few minutes to ask God to provide opportunities to love someone."

Hebrews 10:24 in the New Living Translation is "Think of ways to encourage one another to outbursts of love and good deeds," she said. "We are called to put our faith into action by loving others and doing good deeds to glorify God." The good deeds aren't a burden or a way to earn a reward, but rather are a joy.

"It can take only 20 seconds to step out of your comfort zone and show someone the love of Christ through a kind action," she said. "Imagine that you could be a part of how God could change their day, or even their life.

Bradbury said the word radical originated in "of the root."

"To be radical Christians, we need to be rooted in Christ," she said. "Let's not be satisfied with the status quo. We need to go all-in and all-out with God. Let's encourage each other and be active followers of Christ!"

Student council treasurer Joseph Falzone explained how the annual activities budget of roughly $40,000 is earned and allocated, and urged students to take advantage of the banquets, ski trips and other events that take place throughout the year. Roughly 75% of students take part in extra-curricular activities such as athletics, intramurals, choir, yearbook, and more, he said, but 100% of students can get involved in the all-school events.

Members of a student praise team led in worship with "By Faith," "Grace Like Rain," and "Not Ashamed."

It was a dress-down day for Welcome Week, with students dressing in team costumes and playing team challenges during an extended lunch hour, which included free lunch for everyone!

Praise team video is coming soon; check Facebook for Welcome Week photos.

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