Saturday, 10 September 2011

Welcome Week September 12 to 16

Welcome Week 2011

We are enjoying the amazing blessing of a school that is chock-full of new students! At Tuesday’s opening chapel, Principal Ted Harris announced that there are 91 new students this year, representing 43% of our student body! This means if you are new to Smithville Christian High School, you are not alone! In fact, even returning students are sharing in the excitement of being in a “new” school, said Linda Booy-Korvemaker, the head of the school’s student services department. Everyone in every grade has new faces to learn and new friendships to explore, she said.

That’s why September 12 to 16 will be Welcome Week, with fun activities every day to make sure that everyone is getting to know new people and experience the benefits of being in a small school – where names and faces are familiar to all.

Look for Smithville Christian High School’s “Who Was That? Wall,” where you will be able to match new faces to new names.

Monday will start with a Welcome Chapel led by spiritual life director Mr. Gord Park. He will lead us in devotions that focus on building community. There will be a barbecue at lunch time featuring gourmet hamburgers ($5 each, please pre-order) served up by our caterer, Mrs. Alice Spyker.

From Tuesday to Friday, the entire student body will be divided up into 15 teams that span all four grades, said Mrs. Booy-Korvemaker. Each day, one period of the school day will be spent on community-building activities, such as Survivor challenges, tug-of-wars, obstacle courses, scavenger hunts, an Amazing Race and other team challenges.

Mrs. Booy-Korvemaker said there is already evidence of students fitting in.

“I see kids getting to know each other, everywhere, in all the grades, and in all classes.”

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