Wednesday, 21 September 2011

When things go wrong, what do you do?

This morning’s chapel featured Mr. Neale Robb and a reflection on Proverbs 14:30: “A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.”

“Have you ever been disappointed?” Mr. Robb asked the students. “Maybe you didn’t make a sports team, or you were interested in a particular person and he or she turned you down?”

“Sometimes when we are discouraged, or disappointed, or things don’t turn out the way we want, especially when it involves other people – when someone makes the team or gets the job we want – we might be tempted to be jealous or envious, to say ‘that’s not fair,” said Mr. Robb.

But that’s a dangerous response, he said. If we allow envy or jealousy to take root, it causes problems.

Mr. Robb shared two stories based on the Biblical accounts of Adonijah and Solomon, and David and Jonathan. Each story featured a person who didn’t get the promotion he deserved, but with two very different outcomes. Adonijah lost everything, and Jonathon and his family reaped the benefits of his loyalty.

“That’s the difference of a heart at peace,” said Mr. Robb.

“Let me encourage you that when you face a disappointment or discouragement go to the Lord and ask him to give you peace,” he said. “God will bless you as a result.”

Today’s chapel also featured the first performance from one of our emerging student praise teams. We are blessed to have talented musicians who are using their gifts to praise God and to lead us in worship, and we look forward to hearing more from many other students. We sang “My Redeemer Lives,” “Mighty to Save” and “Lord You Have My Heart.” Check back soon for some video highlights.

Mr. Park gave a brief description of plans for a musical this year, inviting students to sign up, and Melinda and Veronica announced the formation of a Girls' Bible Study group.

We also launched our intramural season today; first up: dodge ball.

Cross-country coach Mr. Andre introduced "the biggest cross-country team in the history of the school," and Mr. Harris and Mr. Bender introduced the Junior and Senior Girls Volleyball teams, which host South Lincoln High School tonight at 3:30 and 5:00 p.m. Come out and cheer. Go Storm!

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