Monday, 30 March 2020

Setting our minds and hearts on what we know is certain

Spiritual Life Director Gord Park, who is also Smithville Christian High School’s longest serving staff member, has some perspective on the turmoil of our coronavirus-infected world that is good for all of us. This is a devotion he shared – remotely of course – with his drama students. May it be a blessing and comfort to you too. 

This is different for all of us. None of us feel comfortable about learning this way, because it is so new to all of us. Me too! We need to learn so much more about how to do things together, and yet from our homes. Weird!
Mr. Park speaking at an earlier Smithville Christian High School chapel.
Let's talk about that. Right now, there is so much going on all around the world, that is causing a lot of uncertainty and fear. We're all shut away, doing what we can to help, and don't know for how long, and what it will all mean in the future.

I don't like not knowing any more than anybody.

So here is what I am doing.

I'm setting my mind and heart on what I know is certain. On what will never change. On what will always be true, always be hope, always be love.
Mr. Park speaking at an earlier Smithville Christian High School chapel.
Yup. I'm doing all I can to keep bringing my thoughts back to Jesus, because He promises that He is always with us.  He's always with you too.  Right now! As you read this little note, Jesus is with you, all around you, for you are in His presence always.  The key is to keep reminding yourself of that, and taking a moment, especially when you are starting to think about more troubling things (like starting study online) to remember that Jesus loves you, and that He is with you, and He will see you and your family through this.

In 2 Chronicles 20 (look it up - you've got time), we see the story of King Jehoshaphat. Israel is about to be attacked by a huge invading army. It's overwhelming. Fear and uncertainty begins to grip the nation.

So what does he do? He calls the nation to worship and pray. I won't get into the whole story (as great as it is), but I want you to pay attention to the end of verse 12. "We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you."

That's the key. Keep your eyes on God.

If you read the rest of the story, they simply go forward worshipping God - and ... Well, you read the story. 
Mr. Park speaking at an earlier Smithville Christian High School chapel.
What we are doing is right, by staying home. It's one way to show the world we care. But continue to pray for God's healing, and continue to fill your thoughts with Him through worship, or whatever. Keep your eyes on Jesus. He's got you, your family, the whole world - in His hands.

(You can sing that if you want.) :)