Saturday, 24 December 2011

We're staying awake for the greatest gift

It’s Christmas and there’s a celebratory air at school. There are yummy snacks, a Christmas quiz and the Hallelujah Chorus in Grade 10 science. In the hallways, there are fuzzy elf slippers, hot chocolate and candy canes, and Santa himself has been spotted several times.

At this week’s chapel, spiritual life director Mr. Gord Park shared a story about his childhood memory of waiting for Santa, and the panic two little boys experienced when they realized that they might not get any presents if Santa knew they were still awake.

In contrast, Jesus tells us to stay awake, said Mr. Park, to be ready for his arrival. For us, falling asleep might mean “being focused on all the presents, or all the work that has to be done before the family gathering takes place, or being in church at the right time,” he said.

Those may be important things, he said, but there’s the danger that we lose sight of the real gift: that Jesus came “just for you,” to give us peace and the understanding that God is with us.

“The key is to stay awake, to see the Christ child in the eyes of your friends, and your brothers and sisters,” Mr. Park said.

“Stay awake. Don’t miss that.”

Here are some photos from the day, which included the choir and praise team at chapel, along with many renditions of “Happy Birthday” for Mrs. V – including some in other languages and with choreography! See more photos on Facebook.

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