Thursday, 27 September 2012

Are families who choose Christian education getting their money's worth?


The results of the long-awaited Cardus Education Survey, released this week, unequivocally show that Christian education makes a difference -- a big one!
The Canadian data show that graduates of Christian schools are faithful, committed and contributing members of their communities. Compared to graduates of public schools and Catholic schools, they are more faithful in church attendance, they enjoy more stable family lives, they vote, they give more time and money to charitable causes and their faith continues to be an important part of their daily lives.
But there's more.
Visit the Cardus website to read a summary of the research or to purchase or download (free) the entire report. You can also sign up for the Cardus Education Survey newsletter. See
We'll be sharing more info about these results soon, but it's exciting to know that for the first-time ever there is accurate, reliable and credible proof: choosing a Christian high school for your children is worth it.
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