Wednesday, 18 September 2013

God is at work in our lives and he is using us

Grade 12 students led chapel this week with stories of how God is at work in their lives.
Katie H. said her new summer job in a restaurant kitchen had many co-workers asking her why she attends a Christian high school.

"I get to share my faith and how God is at work in my life," she said.
Mitchell H. said he and 24 other teenagers from his church traveled to the Dominican Republic this summer and although they were only there for a week, they tried to make sure that their contributions -- such as running a camp for shoeshine boys -- would make a difference.
"We talked about how to make it meaningful," Mitchell said. "We wanted to have lasting impact."
Monika C. said her summer travels included a mission opportunity under an inner-city overpass in Austin, Texas, praying "with them for healing, for comfort, for protection."
"Even under an overpass, God is there," she said. 

Sam B. shared that she is choosing to put herself in situations where she can avoid negative peer pressure.
It wasn't easy but "I needed to take myself out of that situation I was in," she said.
Spiritual life director Gord Park said the Book of Revelation describes the saints who have triumphed "by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony."
Park said our testimonies don't have to be dramatic or complicated. "It could be a 30-second thing."
And they aren't "about your life as a super-Christian," he said. "It's saying you are not sure where it's all going but God is leading me."
He invited all the students to consider sharing their testimonies at future chapels or in classroom devotions, "making our chapels and devotions interactive and conversational."

A group of other Grade 12 students then led a devotion about blessings in our lives, urging students not to opt for "the lesser blessing."
If financial gain is the most important thing for you, you have missed the blessing of God and your life is second rate, said one. Eternal blessings are love, relationships and eternal life in the presence of God, he said.

Principal Ted Harris said he had received feedback about the Grade 12 students who were at the retreat. A staff person at Silver Lake Mennonite Camp said that she had been tremendously blessed by hearing the students worship together, and she had great joy singing along with them from the kitchen.
"You do change lives," he told the students.

Grade 12 students also led the school in an awesome time of worship, with Beautiful One, Jesus Take All of Me, Blessed Be Your Name, Shout to the Lord and Victor's Crown -- songs that they had sung together during the retreat.

It is SUCH a blessing to be led in worship by young people, and to praise God with the voices of hundreds of teenagers raised in song. Want to experience it for yourself? You are always welcome to attend chapel -- usually Wednesday mornings at 9 a.m.

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