Monday, 18 November 2013

The Bible is like vegetables

Reading the Bible is like eating vegetables, Smithville Christian High School students were told during the Monday chapel of this year's spiritual emphasis week. "It's totally necessary for you,"  said Pastor Wes Collins. "There are passages in God's word that are hard to chew. There are names you can't pronounce, places you've never been and customs that seem outdated," Collins said. But the Bible is a gift to you, he said, and should be read daily.

Yet there are Christians who don't read the Bible and that's a problem, Collins said.
Just like we'd rather eat bacon than beets or Gob-stoppers rather than cauliflower, we may prefer watching a movie, playing a video game or hanging out with friends than reading the Bible, he said.
"But don't be deceived, you need God's word to live," Collins said. Just as we need food to have energy,  "we need to spend time in God's word to have spiritual energy."
"This whole book is relevant to your life," Collins said, "every word of every verse is relevant. It doesn't mean we always understand  it, and it may mean we have to do some chewing, but every word is food."

Collins said in his work as a pastor he has the privilege of studying the word and he is often challenged by what he reads. But he is always amazed by how relevant it is.
"My goal this week is to get you hooked on the idea that you need the Bible and you need to read it every day," he said.
He said this year's spiritual emphasis week is a BYOB event: "Bring Your Own Bible."
Students will memorize a passage of scripture every day this week. Monday's passage was Deut. 8:3: "People do not live on bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord."
A student praise team led in worship with three songs:  Cornerstone, Holding Nothing Back and Build Your Kingdom Here.

Spiritual emphasis week continues with chapel at 9 a.m. every day. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Here's a video from chapel:

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