Wednesday, 12 March 2014

South Africa Continued...

     It's been a busy week for us here in South Africa. We spent the weekend resting up and recuperating from our long travels. On Sunday morning we traveled to a church; the team was excited to hear and see how the African people worshiped. we knew it would be amazing. What we imagined was completely incorrect -- it was a small and cluttered schoolroom and the congregation was mainly made up of children. It was so humbling to be around people with so little resources, yet they still worshiped like they were the most blessed people in the world. Our team sang some praise songs for them and then they took a turn.

      The rest of the day was spent by pool... it's definitely everyone's favorite thing to do here. The weather has either been very hot or raining. For Mr.VandenBoogard, this is his first trip with more than one day of rain, but we are enjoying ourselves regardless!

       Monday was our first day at the school, Theocentric. It was raining when we arrived and so we had to wait to meet all of the students. We taught our bible story and craft, gave a mini-lesson about Canada and made new relationships with the staff and students.

     Each day at the school, we are overwhelmed by the amount of students who just want to be as close to us as possible -- we are getting trampled and bombarded, but we really don't mind. We also led the children in games and sports, and this morning (Wednesday) we were invited to attend their morning devotions which consisted of singing and dancing for God. The countryside here is beautiful, the people here are welcoming, and we are truly blessed as a team.

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  1. So glad you are there to encourage the Theocentric community to keep on 'keeping on' for God, and so glad that they are there to encourage you to keep on 'keeping on' for God!! Canadians and SouthAfricans - celebrating together that your world belongs to God, and that all of you have a role in shaping it for Christ!!